Implant supported overdenture

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Implant-supported overdenture

This is a very good solution for restoring the function, speach and aesthetics if all teeth are lost or if a denture is constantly falling while chewing or talking. In this case two to four implants are placed in the upper or lower jaw. This is the most common indication when because of a long period without teeth the jaw bone is lost and a classic denture can't be made. After the implants integrate into the bone, the implants are connected with a bar or ball attchments that connect with their counterparts in the removable denture thus ensuring a tight fit. This is a far superior solution to the removable denture. There is no risk of falling out and it can be easily cleaned.

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Regular dentures vs. implant supported overdentures

Regular denture – benefit

  • inexpensive

Implant supported overdenture - benefits

  • increased quality of life
  • young, natural appearance for a lifetime
  • no slipping, sliding or clicking dentures
  • no worry about your dentures popping out in embarrassing situations
  • improved speech
  • improved confidence and relationships
  • improved chewing and tasting
  • eat anything you want
  • better nutrition and overall health
  • no gum irritation for improved comfort
  • better functioning teeth long-lasting value

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