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Article 1.

D.I.C. DR.POPADIĆ Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: the Organizer) reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions at any time and revoke the access to this site without prior notice. It is your responsibility to re-read the Terms from time to time and be updated with any possible changes. Using the website after the Terms have been changed, means that you are familiar with the changes and that you understand and fully accept them. We disclaim any liability for any damages caused to the users, registered or not, and to third parties as a result of the previously mentioned changes.

Article 2.

All materials (texts, photos, images, drawings, audio and video materials, etc.), trademarks of products and services, logos, and other content published on this website are protected by the Law of Copyright and related rights of the Republic of Croatia and other laws and regulations regarding the rights of intellectual property.

Article 3.

The use and printing of the content of this page is allowed only for personal information purposes and non-commercial use. Users are prohibited from reproducing, copying, distributing, modifying, transmitting, publishing or revising the content published on this site without a written permission of the Organizer. Without a written permission of the Organizer is it also not allowed the reference to this site from third parties.

Article 4.

Unless otherwise stated, all rights regarding the content of this website belong to the Organizer or his affiliated companies, or their respective registered holders. By using or accessing this site you do not acquire, explicitly or implicitly, any license or right to use a trademark, patent, design, copyright or other rights belonging to the Organizer and/or a third part. Users and registered users are solely responsible for complying with copyright and other intellectual property rights in respect of such content.

Article 5.

The Organizer does not make any representation or warranty, explicitly or implicitly, that the content of the website and / or associated pages is complete or up to date; that the website and / or linked sites will always be available and accessible, and that it will not contain errors, viruses, worms and other computer programs which might cause damage to users, registered users or third parts. Each user and registered user agrees to use this website at its own risk. You, not Organizer, are obligated to pay for any expenses related to the maintenance or repair of computer equipment from possible damages caused by use of this site. Any warranty that this website gives relates only to products or services provided by the Organizer.

Article 6.

The materials that are sent or available through this site have not been and will not be considered a trade secret, secret or confidential. By providing materials through the website you authorize Organizer and / or its affiliates to unlimited use for any purpose, including reproduction, transmission, publishing, broadcast or use in any other way, without the obligation to pay any fees. The organizer is not obliged to respond to interactive content.

Article 7.

It is prohibited to publish, send and exchange contents violating applicable law of the Republic of Croatian, in particular false or untrue, misleading, offensive, defamatory, vulgar, threatening, disturbing, racist or sexist content, content that violates the intellectual property rights of third persons, content that unauthorized disclose personal data or information violating the third parties or other users as well as other inappropriate content and content that can harm the Organizer’s company, other users or third parties, including, among other things, the contents  which encourages behaviour that would constitute a criminal offense, which entails civil liability and similar.

Article 8.

The Organizer is not able to browse materials and interactive content that are sent to this page. Nevertheless, the Organizer reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove materials and interactive content which he considers inappropriate for any reason.

Article 9.

The Organizer intends to use names, logos, trademarks, and other protected contents appearing on this website solely on the areas for which he is authorized on the basis of pending or registered trademarks, licenses, or otherwise. To avoid any doubt, the Organizer acknowledges that he has no intention to use names, logos or marks, and other protected content in the areas for which he is not authorized and will not supply or offer products and / or services marked with such protected content in such areas. The use of such copyrighted material on this website is contrary to the provisions of these Terms of Use and their misuse is strictly prohibited.

Article 10.

On this website, as well as on these Terms of Use and Conditions, will be applied the Croatian law. By accessing and using this website you agree that in case of dispute, the Croatian courts are competent.


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