The City of Rovinj - Rovigno

The City of Rovinj-Rovigno is the right destination for all of you who long for a sentimental atmosphere from times that are irretrievably gone. It can be found in this part of Mediterranean, in this town whose romantic life began on the island with very confined space which led to the construction of crowded houses, narrow streets and small squares, still untouched by modern urbanism.

From the seaside, Rovinj is protected by the high rocky coast and bank of houses built on the cliffs, and from the mainland by high walls. The baroque church of Saint Euphemia, whose 60 meter high tower offers a view of the gray-red roofs and chimneys, streets and squares, the harbor and port with their ships and boats, and the marina with the fancy yachts.
This unique old town centre, with its 67 km of coastline, the 2.289 hectares of protected green spaces and preserved parks, 16 islands, islets and rocks, makes this city unique. Developed on its rich fishing tradition Rovinj has become known for its unique batana boat and songs bitinade.

Its beauty is especially valued by the artists who painted the most beautiful motifs on this place and exhibited them on the Grisia - the street of the artists. It is a place that offers numerous possibilities - walking in the wonderful nature, engaging in sports and recreational activities, sailing, diving, climbing, bicycle rides, discovering the hidden beauties, the cultural antiquities, the archaeological sites, the culinary specialties, all connected by staying in top-quality hotels, tourist villages and camps that provide many opportunities for a nice holiday, where you can enjoy the benefits of wellness, organize business meetings and release some steam through sport activities. Romantic and mysterious, but also full of opportunities for hangouts, Rovinj is the place you want to return to.

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