Our Philosophy

We at the DIC pledge to provide the top-quality surgical, cosmetic, restorative and prosthetic dental procedures.

Procedures are performed by experienced professionals - doctors and staff who are recognized as leaders in the field of implant dentistry, implant prosthetics and general dentistry.

Materials and techniques we use in our daily work conform to the highest standards of quality that follows the latest global trends and the world's leading manufacturers of equipment and supplies.

Our team builds professional, modern and socially responsible work environment, where it is possible to deliver superior health services, not only for our patients but also their families.

Our practice is tailored to meet all your needs in at least three important segments: 

1We are at first and foremost a general dental surgery.  Our philosophy is based on the concept of providing "a comprehensive regime for the perfect health of your teeth".

    • Healthy gums are the first thing you pay attention to. Without healthy gums any further treatment of any part of the oral cavity is not possible. We recommend regular examination twice a year. During these inspections we monitor the conditions of your teeth and the oral cavity in general and treat them as appropriate. Thorough examinations by means of modern diagnostic techniques and modern diagnostic devices are performed. Prevention reduces the risk of rapid progression of infections and diseases of your gums, teeth and jaw bones.
    • If necessary, we substitute and renew missing teeth or complete dentures in a way that is comfortable and painless. We use only biocompatible materials and cutting-edge implantoprosthetic methods.
    • Regular check-ups of all previously surgically, prosthetically and conservative treated areas that may require revision are necessary having in mind possible infections, unfortunate circumstances, bone loss or fracture. If necessary, we perform specialized examinations of those parts of the oral cavity that require the attention of specialists and we also ensure that any  diagnosis is promptly treated.
    • If necessary, we substitute missing teeth, renew existing teeth or complete dentures in a way that is comfortable and painless. We use only biocompatible materials and cutting-edge implantoprosthetic methods. 
    • We advise you on the proper methods of maintaining oral hygiene guiding you patiently and expertly through any therapeutic treatment.  
    • This comprehensive plan for ideal dental health combines art and science of dentistry tailored to your lifestyle, personal attitudes about health and your finances.

2DIC is equipped with the latest dental equipment and technology, including computer applications for diagnosing and 3d modelling.

    • Treatment planning and therapy itself is performed by a team of experienced doctors of dental medicine and assistants under supervision of Dr Željko Popadić, one of the leading experts in the field of implant dentistry in Croatia and Southern Europe.

3An honest, friendly and open relationship with the patient is of high importance to us.

    • As a part of Nobel Biocare™ Mentor Team we organize and manage educational courses in the field of theoretical and practical training in implant dentistry. Therefore, we are qualified to give our patients a comprehensive advisory and expert assistance about any issues related to dentistry and the latest achievements in the field of general dentistry and implant dentistry.


DIC Newsletter

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